25 April 2011

monday grace

1. health. a recent familial health scare reminded me of the fickle nature of life and good health. it also showed me a glimpse of what life could be like for chronically ill patients and those caring for them.

parents and family members ageing and developing illnesses is today the norm. i am no longer in my 20s, when health concerns were nowhere on my radar.

i am thankful however, that at least today, everyone i love is in good health. may this always be the case.

2. writing. the satisfaction i feel at finishing one article on corruption in india is immense (and has me eagerly anticipating what could be next..). as is the satisfaction of starting some other, fictional writing. regardless of the outcome, the journey so far has been fun :)

3. inspiration. i love finding new blogs/websites that speak to me, inspire me, act as my virtual guides in this journey of life. the latest of these are:
http://zenhabits.net/ -a great place to go for advice on simplifying your life, remembering what really matters, and just breathing.
and http://www.sprogblogger.com/ -a new mama's blog, filled with humour and grace (and some non-mama stuff!).

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