07 April 2011

'un'reality tv

hindi tv serials (soap operas in other words) are insane. really. the clothes, make up, jewellery, houses are out of this world. who lives in these gorgeous palaces today, wears those fancy clothes with matching accessories and make up, and not only sleeps in the same attire, but wakes up with uncreased clothes, spotless make up and perfect hair???

i could go on with the unrealities portrayed, but i will refrain. i just want to rant about one particular aspect –i HATE it when they show these gorgeous women, in their gorgeous clothes and hair and make up, go into the kitchen, and whip up spectacular meals in the space of minutes, and all without dropping any onions, or spilling any water, or feeling any heat (the heat is something that bothers me the most about being in the kitchen!), and serve up these meals as though there was nothing to it.

i know this is all unreal and make believe, and yet it bothers me every time. it still makes me feel a tad bit inadequate, a tad bit guilty. why, you ask? for despising the heat, for being all worn and sweaty after chopping and stirring and slaving at the stove, for it taking me hours to cook a simple dish, for me being ready to lie on the bed with the ac on as soon as I’m done. most importantly, for not enjoying being there, for not being as happy as those women are in their kitchens. aaarrggghhhh. darn stupid serials.

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