12 July 2011


"She said no matter what person I become, there will always be in me the girl you knew, and no matter who I become, I would never have been that without knowing you."

"Dating is about figuring out what you want. Friendships — those are about figuring out who you are. What matters to you. How you see the world. And one day, hopefully if our female friendships have prepared us enough, we can take what we learn from them and make that man or woman we commit our lives to our best friend."
this is from an awesome post on friendship, female friendship in particular. it says everything that i would want to say, so i really have nothing to add here (except for my favorite spanish proverb: 'tell me who you're with, and i'll tell you who you are'!) i could write about my friends, but i won't.. at this moment, i do not feel the need to share those precious, private, wonderful moments. perhaps at some other time; for now, i am happy to relive them in my head, to know that they exist(ed).

one of my best friends, ksa, was just here visiting me. just by being her, by being here, she reminded me of everything that i wanted in life, of everything i held important, of everything i aspired to. it was not so much that i had forgotten, but that it had been buried beneath too much baggage.

i have been blessed with some truly amazing friends, alhumdolillah!


c said...

been thinking of you and watching this space. :) glad to see something so positive here :) xx

c said...

also read the post you linked on yours. very nice and true, thanks for sharing!

md said...

c, friendship is indeed a very positive thing, and i am truly thankful for all my friends. i just wish some of them were in the same city, or even country, as me!!

stirrup queens also has an awesome marriage/relationship post -did i share that link with you? if not, go check it out: http://www.stirrup-queens.com/2011/06/completion/