08 February 2016


my introduction to the circus as a child came with enid blyton's 'come to the circus' -fenella, aunt lou, bobo and pretty much all the characters were interesting/intriguing. the 'big top', the caravans, the animals and their trainers; it was a whole new world full of adventure and magic that i loved losing myself in.

then came the great moscow circus in hong kong, when i was slightly older (but i have no recollection of age to be honest). we went to see this awesome performance for several years, and i was in love. the trapeze artists were my absolute favorite (and still are). the gorgeous costumes, the glitter, the anticipation before each incredible act; i carry all these with me until today.

for some years after, i forgot about the circus. while at university, i read john irving's 'a son of the circus', which was much darker than my childhood circus fantasies. i recently read sara gruen's 'water for elephants', which was less dark, and a great read. next on my list of circus novels is erin morgenstern's 'the night circus', which is meant to be some kind of fantasy novel, and sounds intriguing.

last week, there was a local circus showing nearby, which we took the twins to. they enjoyed some of the acts (those with animals), but were far from thrilled with the idea of the circus. it was a let down for me as well, after my awesome memories of the great moscow circus, as well as the circus books that i so enjoyed. next time i plan my trip to hong kong, i must look in to the moscow circus -they now have a 'circus on ice' show as well!

the circus world is one that surely draws in all children.. and many adults. i can't wait to introduce the kids to blyton's 'come to the circus', and other novels, and read more circus novels myself :)

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Ira said...

Although such outings are rare in these days of advanced technology but sure refreshen up the lives greater than the gadgets can...

Middle Girl said...

Real life circus (I think) is a hard sell these days. Unless of course you put "Disney" in front of it. Perhaps.

Kasey said...

I read recently that this is the last season for Elephants in the Barnum and Bailey Circus. I've been three times (I think) Once around 4 or 5, once when I was 12, and once as an adult pre-kids because a friend had free tickets.
I kind of want to take the kids in a few weeks, but my 2 year old is too young to sit through it. Would it be a waste to pay to then have to walk him outside, although my 4.5 yo would like it, I think.
I want them to see the elephants and the circus I remember as magical.
Here from Mel's link up :)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

So funny because while I love the idea of the circus and reading about circuses, I have never actually gone to one. The circus comes through town every year, and I've always avoided it.