16 February 2016

when books don't fit

i finally started reading purple hibiscus by chimamanda adichie last night, after three days of waffling over what to read. i HATE it when that happens. it does not happen very often (alhumdolillah!), but when i can't figure out what i want to read, when no books appeal to me, when nothing seems to fit, then i am very very upset. upset for two reasons i guess -first, because i have nothing to read, and second, because nothing is speaking to me, everything is making me feel blah!

this is like when i cannot figure out what to wear -again, i don't have this problem very frequently, as i am quite a decisive person. or, maybe decisive is not the word. i just know what i like, and i know when i feel like wearing it. i don't keep clothes that i don't like, and the stuff i have, i've had for a while! but when those days come along, when no rida speaks to me, when they all seem blah and ugh, then i am a miserable person.

clearly, not wanting to read any book or wear any of my ridas is a symptom of my mood. it is not that there aren't awesome books and clothes available.. this can apply to food as well, although not much.. but how interesting that this occurs.. i should pay more attention to whether such moods leak into other areas of my life..

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Parul said...

Interesting! I keep a To-Be-Read list all the time. And I keep this list growing from the recommendations I receive. The rate at which I add books to the list is more than the rate at which I read and hence I never reach that stage :)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I'm with you -- to me, books go with a mood. And when I can't find the right book to match the mood, it feels like everything is a slog. I keep a to-read list with a lot of different types of books on it so I can usually find something. But every once in a while, I run into this, too. Or with food -- where even favourites don't sound appealing.