02 February 2016

music, poetry, tv

i heard celine dion's 'my heart will go on' last night at the circus (no, it wasn't really fitting, but hey, 'this is mumbai my friend'!!) and i found myself automatically singing along. i cannot remember the last time i sung along to a song.. probably because i have totally stopped listening to english music here. hindi/bollywood songs just don't do anything for me, so i generally don't listen to any music anymore. which is quite sad. i enjoyed tracy chapman, dido, travis, beck, jason mraz.. i should make more of an effort to play this stuff here, even if it is not readily available on tv/radio.. i want my kids to be exposed to stuff other than bollywood 'item numbers'!

the lack of music in my life these days also reminds me that i have stopped reading poetry and watching tv shows (house, cis, the good wife, big bang theory).. there must be so many new shows out now, and i just don't have a clue! this will be harder to remedy than listening to music.. but i should try. the only reason i have given up on all this, is that they are not readily available here. i should just pick one show, and i am sure i can either find it on tv or online.. it all seems like such a headache, and i am happy to just read on my kindle.. but when i randomly hear some music, or listen to people talking about such and such show, i feel a pang for everything that i gave up..

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Middle Girl said...

I take the easy access for granted I think. I used to get involved with a lot of shows but not so many different ones anymore, I get too sad when they are cancelled.

I have recently re-opened my ears to music--my love--though I admit, mostly the music of my youth over today's Top 40.

If it is something that brings you joy, try.

tulika singh said...

Oh do do get back to music. It's relatively easily accessible and does so much to uplift spirits. It's an integral part of my life - including some Bollywood hits too. And the kids pick it up too - no matter what you listen.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

It's hard to keep up with stuff because it all rolls out so quickly. Especially popular music -- it's played non-stop one day and then gone the next. Sometimes books just seem easier. Or I wait for the series to end and then I begin watching because at least I know the story isn't going to crap out in the middle.