02 February 2011

monday grace

if i could hold on to a moment of bliss
if i could use it as a charm,
a light in the dark

if i could collect those moments,
weave them into a blanket
so i would always be warm,
always surrounded by joy

my plan to collect such moments is through writing them down here. for a long time, i've thought about doing something similar to a 'three beautiful things thursday' but just never got around to it. this is the perfect time to start, i believe. i KNOW that while everyday is not great, there is something good in every day, but it is so easy to lose track of that, to not see the forest for the trees. this will not only help me to take stock of my week, it will also give me beauty to collect, and it will take me farther on z's 'fake it till you make it' mantra!

so here goes!

1. my work and colleagues. i am SO thankful to be doing work that fulfils and engages me, that i am good at, that makes me feel productive and allows me to participate in creating a better world. and i am just as awed to have colleagues who are my friends, who are dedicated to their cause, who are good, decent people.

2. internet. i cannot imagine my life without the internet. i wouldn't be able to work from home (or in another country for that matter!) for one, i would have to rely on expensive phone calls and snail mail to communicate with my family and friends (not at all the same as email, chat and facebook) and i would miss out on all the wonderful blogs and websites i daily consume.

3. chocolate. really, that stuff is awesome. even better with nuts, biscuits and rice crispies. never fails to make me feel better, and it even works as a mild pain reliever. (my eyes are now straying to the 5 star bar on the dressing table, which i don't want to open because H got it for me, and it reminds me of the first chocolate bar he gave me, which i didn't open for at least a month, and then consumed over another month :)

4. following the events in egypt over the past week have been inspiring. it is wonderful to see the unity and spirit of the people there, and it brings back many fond memories of my four years there. i have so many friends who are either from there, living there or have a vested interest there.. it is way past time for mubarak to leave and for egypt to move forwards. i would love to go back there one day soon, and for the country to be in a much better state than when i had left, inshallah!

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