14 February 2011

monday grace

1. rida. yesterday, i was invited to a mitishitabi, for young women. it was fun. one of the topics (unsurprisingly) was rida. as i listened to one woman share her experience of being complimented and respected for her rida in a foreign country, it reminded me that some of the nicest, most profound compliments i've ever been given, have all related to me wearing the rida. from friends and professors at uni, to strangers at seminars, to fellow muslims and colleagues, i've been showered with sincere and soul lifting remarks. it was wonderful to remember these, which i had forgotten in the daily grind of life, and amidst family suggestions that i may sometimes like to consider wearing something else. the comment that stays uppermost in mind, and was very much needed at the time it was uttered, was, "you wear your rida so naturally I don't even notice".

alhumdolillah, i've been wearing the rida for over ten years now, without faltering. there have been moments of doubt and confusion, but those were minor and passed. and yes, i've had to deal with strange looks, whispered conversations, asinine comments and even rejections from suitors, but nothing huge, nothing obstructive or menacing (at that time though, I might have thought the world was falling apart!). i've travelled the world, i've hiked and swum and played badminton, i've been to carnivals and concerts and the theatre, and I can now say I am proud and thankful that I did it all in my rida.

2. being wanted. I came across this post more than a year ago, and it resonated deeply:
Dear God, Ya Rabbul Alamin
I wonder what it is like to be wanted by someone? I imagine it must be a great feeling. In my life so far, as You know too well more than anyone, I have always done the wanting, never been wanted by anyone.

Hope I am still not saying that closer to my death. I guess life carries on and time will not wait and for some people, some things will not be a reality, but it would be nice to experience this just once in my life, even if it is for a short while. Please.
some time later, I was no longer alone, I was in love, and loved in return. being wanted, being loved are indeed amazing feelings, and I pray that everyone experiences such joy. on that note, happy valentine's day! (i received my first ever valentine gift yesterday!!)

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Anonymous said...

May I ask what a rida is?

I love your second point. It seems that attention and specificity in prayer have a way of opening the doors between us and Divinity.

Often my duas are the same day in & day out...and then something changes. A knowledge of myself & my needs, and a recognition of the greatness of the Lord, and His ability to grant my heart's desire.

Most often, that dua is answered - though not always on my timetable or in the manner that I expect.

May you & your love be blessings to each other always, ameen!