07 February 2011

monday grace

1. family. the unconditional love and acceptance of family is something that i am only now appreciating. no matter my tantrums, my shortfalls, my peeves, they are there, solid and unwavering in their support and shelter. none of us are perfect, and my relationship with various family members may be complicated and fraught with various tensions. but at the end of the day, i can count on the cushion of their love and familiarity to comfort my weary spirit.

with this realization comes yet another: even now, i cannot truly comprehend the depth of parental love. as a child, i used to mock and shrug off my mom's comment that i would understand when i became a parent myself. how long it took me to begin seeing the wealth of emotion, patience and angst behind that statement.

2. being in the same country, the same city as raudat tahera. i recall a long ago comment made by someone in cairo, of that land being hard on people, filling their path with difficulties. my immediate thought was that any hardships were surely mitigated by the presence of rasul husain. despite the various evolutions of my faith since then, i know that i would rather be in the presence of raudat tahera than not. i have unfortunately not made the most of this blessing so far, but i intend to remedy this from today, inshallah.

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